Antique Spray Mirror™

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Antique Spray Mirror™

Antique mirror finishes are becoming more and more popular in all forms of interior decoration. Until now the only way to achieve this finish was to buy extremely expensive sheets and cut them to the required size.
This has now changed with Creative Resin new Antique Spray Mirror™. Plain glass can now be cut to size or shape and even tempered before the Antique effect is added at a fraction of the cost you would previously have to pay.

Splashbacks, worktops, curtain walling, regular mirrors and furniture can all benefit from this very simple process brought to you by Creative Resins. Antique Spray Mirror™ effects are now available to any processor to create stunning pieces for their customers with complete freedom of glass types and shapes, previously not a viable option for many.

The Antique Spray Mirror™ is achieved using our own raw materials and machinery, giving the end user a simple system, backed up by our usual ten year guarantees. This enables you to have complete control over the process. As the Antique mirror is sprayed onto your chosen glass, there is no need to invest in large scale machinery. Creative Resins supply a compact spraying system which is all you need to complete the desired effect.

The effect can be varied and no two mirrors will be the same, exactly as it should be with Antique Mirror. Full training on the system is available as is complete technical support. Never before has the Antique mirror effect been available to so many as such a cost effective process.

The Antique Mirror machine can also produce 100% reflective spray mirror so is a multi purpose machine. This can also be sprayed onto any thickness of glass - float or tempered/toughened and is ideal when spraying coloured glass to give different effects on splashbacks which could never usually be toughened/tempered. The reflective spray mirror is simple in application yet excellent when finished.


Does the machine take up a lot of room in my factory?

No the machine is a compact machine on wheels so can be moved around the factory and in and out of the spray booth as required.

What is the shelf life of the products?

The resins have a shelf life of a year

What colours are available for the Antique mirror effects?

Some of the antique effects can come in any colour required and can cover part or the whole piece of glass.

How can I achieve the effects?

Once we sell the system we do not leave you to get on with it - full training is given in the UK or we can quote to train at your factory. If you prefer not to have training then we can provide full instructions and video back up and we are always available remotely to go through any questions you may have.

What power is needed for the machine?

The machine runs off a regular 13amp plug - no special power is needed.

After creating antique mirror - when can I send it to my customer?

We usually recommend 48 -72 hours to send out to the customer and to adhere to any solid surface.

Can you ship Worldwide?

Yes we have an extensive customer base around the world and can ship our products by sea, air or road. All export paperwork is provided as is help with clearance and onward delivery.


About us

Creative Resins has been at the forefront of decorative glass technology for over 30 years. Our decorative glass resins and sprays have been tried and tested by independent laboratories and in turn this has enabled us to offer 10 year external guarantees.

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