Cleaning and maintenance products

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Cleaning and maintenance products

Creative Resins are resin specialists and added to their range with the AGlaze range of products. This product range is a world leader in its cleaner and sealants for all sorts of surfaces including teak, glass, aluminium and GRP. Creative Resins distribute the whole AGlaze range from its premises in Kent mainly to car dealers, airlines and boat owners worldwide - we launched these products into the glass market a few years ago and they have proved very popular world wide as they do exactly what they say they will reducing maintenance and enabling the glass, aluminium or UPVC to remain pristine for longer periods of time.

All of these products are available to purchase from our online shop and are also available at the various exhibitions that we attend each year.

These are not quick solutions to your cleaning needs - they are designed to offer reduced maintenance and to ensure the surface looks cleaner for longer.


A revolutionary glass cleaner and sealant for use on all windows and glazing. Easy to use, it forms a long lasting protective barrier on the glass keeping it in pristine condition and highly water repellent. Crystal Vision is silicon free.

Crystal Vision is applied in the same way as a regular glass cleaner and can be applied to glass, mirror, glass furniture, shower screens and polycarbonate. By applying Crystal Vision, the glass is ‘coated’ with a protective barrier reducing staining from bird acid, acid rain, tree sap, industrial fallout and enables the glass to remain cleaner for longer periods of time. Crystal Vision only needs to be applied once every six months.

Crystal Vision also aids in the reduction of condensation by 25% Crystal vision is a single part application and does not need any other products or materials to work. Crystal vision can also be placed onto car windscreens and it reduces the need to use windscreen wipers so is ideal for company cars and vans


The new industrial glass cleaner comes in a handy 750ml trigger spray. It can be used on glass and polycarbonate and is ideal for cleaning glass before using the resin outlines or spray systems. It can be applied using a soft cloth or tissue. This new product is receiving excellent reviews worldwide as it is a strong cleaner.


The New UPVC kit consists of a years maintenance products for a house/conservatory.

500ml shampoo enables the conservatory, doors or frames to be washed, 500ml preparation and a microfibre cloth allows for them to be cleaned and the surface prepared ready for sealing. 2 x 100ml frame sealants then allow for all the UPVC to be sealed and protected for a year.


A handy shower kit pack to clean and seal all shower cubicles in glass or polycarbonate. Contains an Eradicator sponge to remove any lime scale and stubborn stains. Once as clean as possible use the Crystal Vision 100mle and the soft cloth to apply all over the glass/polycarbonate. Needs to be reapplied every 6 months.


Miracle Eraser foam block containing the strongest melamine fibre content. When dampened with a tiny amount of water, the Eradicator sponge can remove even the most stubborn stains previously immovable. The Eradicator is chemical free, environmentally friendly and easy to store when not in use. It comes in a handy re-sealable plastic wallet. By gently rubbing the eradicator over a mark/stain, its melamine fibres break down the stain and remove it. Gradually the sponge will start to break and can be thrown away.

The Eradicator sponges really do remove most stains from most surfaces. In the glass industry they are used to remove white chalk writing from glass and when used dry over sandblasted glass they will take off oily finger prints. They can also be used to remove stains from UPVC frames. The commercial Eradicator is shipped worldwide and can be purchased in a pack of 4 sponges or in bulk cartons. Please note these are the commercial strength sponges and not home strength as found in supermarkets and DIY stores.


Stainless Steel Polish can be used for oxidised stainless steel and metals to remove the rust marks from the surface and to restore the surface back to normal.

Once older stainless steel has been polished to remove any oxidisation, the Stainless Steel Sealant can be applied to stop the oxidisation from returning. Alternatively on new stainless steel, the sealant can be applied immediately to stop any future oxidisation


Teak cleaner kits from Creative Resins has been specially formulated for us by Teak specialists. This new system can be used on any teak decking or furniture. Grey, dull areas can now be transformed back to its original form when new.

Process 1 – A cleaning solution which will clean deep into the surface of the teak without harming the timber.

Process 2 – A neutralizing solution is then applied to finish the cleaning process and neutralizing process 1.

The teak is then washed with clean, fresh water and allowed to thoroughly dry. All teak products including garden furniture, decking, flooring etc can be cleaned to look brand new.

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Creative Resins has been at the forefront of decorative glass technology for over 30 years. Our decorative glass resins and sprays have been tried and tested by independent laboratories and in turn this has enabled us to offer 10 year external guarantees.

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