Laminating Resins

Laminating Resins

Laminating resins by Creative Resins Distribution are a crystal clear transparent resin especially designed to remain water clear even when catalysed. The laminating resin is cold curing. It is not prone to yellowing.  This superior laminating resin also contains a specially adapted adhesion promoter that remains dormant until the adhesion of the catalyst. With an exceptionally low viscosity – similar to water, the laminating resin is extremely easy to use allowing easy flow and fast air bubble release.

Laminating resins by Creative Resins allow any size company to produce laminated glass cost effectively with no need of expensive some can be

Advantages of laminating resins

Laminating resins are ideal for building applications which require a glass exterior but at the same time need to minimise sound transmission, such as a restaurant on a busy street. Laminating glass with good acoustic dampening properties are used. Security glass is usually laminated as it provides a safer alternative to float glass. many applications require transparent panels so plain laminating resin is ideal. Laminating resins also has a resistance to shattering and penetration. It can protect a building from bad weather and natural disasters as if it is shattered by flying objects it remains in its frame. Due to this, laminating resin is favoured in areas of the world that suffer from hurricanes and extreme weather conditions. It can also act as a glare control when used in countries with hot climates and high UV levels. This makes it perfect for office building or skyscrapers. As it controls glare it also ensures less heat is transmitted into the room saving on air conditioning costs and in turn reducing the carbon footprint of a company or private individual

New Lead Free Colours

All of the laminating colours can be mixed together to create an endless palette of colours. We have a range of colours which can make transparent, translucent and opaque colours as well as marbling effects when coloured in a certain way. All colours provide long term UV stability and have been fully tried and tested worldwide. Our new range of colours are all lead free in accordance with new lead content regulations worldwide.

The laminating resins can be used conventionally as a cold pour system or it can be dispensed and mixed automatically using a pump system with virtually no wastage. The specially designed pump is simple to use and is designed to be self cleaning reducing the man hours needed to maintain it.

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