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Antique Spray Mirror™

Antique mirror finishes are becoming more and more popular in all forms of interior decoration. Until now the only way to achieve this finish was to buy extremely expensive sheets and cut them to the required size which caused a lot of breakages as the mirror was not toughened.

This has now changed with Creative Resins new Antique Spray Mirror™. Plain glass can now be cut to size or shape and even tempered before the Antique effect is added at a fraction of the cost you would previously have to pay.

Splashbacks, worktops, curtain walling, regular mirrors and furniture can all benefit from this very simple process brought to you by Creative Resins Distribution. Our Trade Marked Antique Spray Mirror™ effects are now available to any processor to create stunning pieces for their customers with complete freedom of glass types and shapes, previously not a viable option for many.

Antique Mirror

The Antique Spray Mirror™ is achieved using our own spray mirror, giving the end user a simple system, backed up by our usual ten year guarantees. This enables you to have complete control over the process. No machinery is required to create antique mirror, just a regular spray gun and spray booth.

The effect can be varied and no two mirrors will be the same, exactly as it should be with Antique Mirror. Never before has the Antique mirror effect been available to so many as such a cost effective process. This antique mirror process can also be sprayed onto any thickness of glass – float or tempered/toughened in any shape or size.

We also have an Antique Mirror machine enabling the end user to produce 100% reflective spray mirror. This machine is a multi purpose machine as it can also create coloured mirror effects. The machine allows spraying to any solid substrate even wood, aluminium or plastic.

New Formulation Mirror Spray

As Mirror Chrome can go straight onto toughened glass, mirror finishes can now be used more widely in public areas which have strict health and safety guidelines on the thickness of glass used. Mirror Chrome on toughened glass reduces the number of breakages. No piece is too big or too small.

Our mirror 2019 formulation spray  is an application unique to Creative Resins Distribution. The new mirror spray can turn any plain piece of glass into a mirror finish using a spray gun. Whereas tempered/toughened glass cannot be silvered, our new Mirror spray can turn glass as thick as 12mm+ into a unique mirror finish.  50% more coverage with the NEW formulation mirror spray.

Spray Mirror

Easy to spray and no wastage, Mirror Chrome has opened up new horizons for users in the sign industry and interior designers as whole pieces of glass now do not have to be mirrored creating unique finishes to designers delight.

Ideal to spray on coloured glass to give different effects on splashbacks which could never usually be toughened/tempered. The reflective spray mirror is simple in application yet excellent when finished. Can be used in conjunction with our cobweb spray effects as well as out sparkle effects.

Our mirror spray is manufactured in house by the Creative Resins Distribution team and can be shipped world wide. Contact a member of the team for prices, technical information or a quotation.

New Mirror Backing 2019

Our new mirror backing is an exciting addition to our range.  Extremely hard wearing and durable, this new backing can be sprayed or rollered onto the glass.  By rollering it onto the glass, it means the process does not have to be carried our by an experienced sprayer, freeing the sprayer up to carry out other spraying tasks.

The new backing is available in a minimum of a kilo in a number of colours.  Simply pour the backing over the back of the mirror and use the roller to evenly coat the mirror.  Once you’ve used this mirror backing there’s a good chance you will never want to use anything else.

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As you can now create antique mirror using a regular spray gun, you simply need a spray booth, spray gun and all the ancillaries as well as a dust free environment.

There is a huge number of effects you can achieve using the antique spray mirror. This mirror spray can be sprayed over a vinyl template or onto shaped glass to give a totally unique finish. Our cobweb spray and sparkles can also be used with the mirror to give different finishes to the glass.

We advise leaving the panel for 72 hours before sending out to customers – this way you can ensure the panel is totally dry and will not get damage.

Yes we are qualified to repackage for airfreight ensuring freight costs are kept at a minimum and that the mirror product can be flown anywhere in the World. We also ship by road or sea – the best quotation will be given at time on enquiry.

The machine runs off a regular 13amp plug – no special power is needed.

All types – float, tempered, sandblasted as well as patterned and textured glass.