NEW 3D glass effect resin

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NEW 3D glass effect resin

The all new 3D Glass effect resin has been introduced to work with our mirror spray. Applied randomly, the design possibilities with the Glass Effect 3D are endless. A range of tins are available to colour the glass effect resins and our sparkles can be used together with the glass effect for random colours and designs.
As the resins are applied to the back of the glass and then mirrored they are heat resistant and easy to clean. This process is ideal for splash backs, tables, turning plain glass into mirrors and bespoke work as no two pieces are ever the same. Available as a starter kit to include everything you need - there is enough in this start kit to produce 4 square metres of glass.

  • 1 litre mirror spray

  • 1 litre grey mirror backing

  • 300g glass effect 3D

  • 10 x application bottles

  • 250ml premium glass cleaner

  • Pk 4 eradicator sponges

  • 10 x 600ml mixing beakers

  • 4 x wooden mixing sticks

  • 3 x 50ml glass effect 3D colour pigments

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Creative Resins has been at the forefront of decorative glass technology for over 30 years. Our decorative glass resins and sprays have been tried and tested by independent laboratories and in turn this has enabled us to offer 10 year external guarantees.

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