Spray Machinery

Our spray resins can be mixed in a number of ways. If you want to achieve consistency in the colour you are spraying we recommend mixing the pigments using the mixing shelves – these agitate the pigments and they are then weighed using the precision scales. However for complete and consistent colour matching we recommend using the Automatic Dispenser and the small shaker.

By investing in our machinery you are purchasing from a single supplier, with first class customer service and technical knowledge.

Automatic Spraying Machine

Mixing Shelves

The mixing shelves come as a two part unit and can easily be put together in your factory by yourselves if you wish. The mixing shelves agitate the colour pigments for 20 minutes every 8 hours ensuring the pigments do not separate. The shelves house all of the colour pigments with room for your own mixes if required.

Automatic Dispenser

2019 Version

The most up to date Automatic Dispenser on the market – dispensing 22ml per minute. Designed for the users convenience with easy access to the computer that comes with it. The machine does all of the mixing work for you – simply select the colour and quantity using our colour base computer software and the laser positioning feature will ensure the pigment is dispensed accurately without any spillage or loss. There are 1000’s of recipe already on the software however you can allocate each recipe to a customer or job reference using the software in case you need to re dispense the colour in the future. Please note we do also stock the older automatic dispenser system


The new Creative Resins Distribution Spectrometer matches any colour swatch, painted wall or even coloured fabric to a recipe on our specially written software. The spectrometer can be taken around to customers to match to their chosen swatches. The sales team can then add notes to the spectrometer or voice notes to make quoting easier.

The spectrometer ensures quick production as it saves having to sort through swatch after swatch trying to match a colour for a customer.


The Vortex Shaker is an easy clamping machine with a vortex rotation. It has a 30° dip angle to ensure mixing performance. The Vortex Shaker has a mixing range of 5L- 1L -Sample Paint pot. We highly recommend the shaker is purchased with the automatic dispenser to ensure all colours are mixed together.


For one off panels you just need to have a spray booth, a spray gun and you can purchase some pre mix spray resin – this will be pre mixed to whatever colour you require.

For regular spraying the mixing shelves are ideal – these agitate the colour pigments to ensure the same colours are always mixed. The mixing shelves come with precision scales to weigh each colour recipe out.

For regular spraying and quicker production times, the automatic dispenser combined with the vortex shaker is the most accurate recipe mixer of all of our machines. The automatic dispenser works with the spectrometer – you can match virtually any colour swatch just by holding the spectrometer over it – uploading the data to the automatic dispenser and letting the dispenser do the work for you.

No we recommend the Devilbiss FLG 5 gun which is relatively inexpensive and works really well with our spray resins and special effects.

All of our machines detailed on this page operate from regular power.
We recommend that machines are housed outside of the spray booth however we do also sell ATEX approved mixing shelves.

All training on machines is offered free of charge at our premises in Kent, England. If you have purchased through an agent they will arrange a training program with you. Either way we ensure that full training is given on all of our machinery.

Any colour swatch can be matched just by holding the spectrometer over the colour. The spectrometer is easy to carry around to customers and as you can type notes or add voice notes to each colour match, it makes quoting more streamlined. Once back at the factory, all of the colour matches can be uploaded to the software and then mixed by hand or by the mixing shelves, or automatically mixed using the Colour Dispenser and shaker.