Stained Glass

Resins for Stained Glass

Resin stained glass simulates traditional stained glass at a fraction of the cost and increasingly less labour intensive. The resins to create stained glass can also be placed onto wood, acrylic, perspex, aluminium, ceramic and stainless steel.

Applying the resins to glass can be by bottle or by semi automated machinery known as the Wizard. Once applied as per the instructions, the resins carry a 10 year exterior guarantee even in such climates as Russia, the Gulf region and high UV countries such as New Zealand. The resins do not have to go inside a double glazed unit – they have been fully weather tested to go to the exterior of the building.

Special Effects

Acrylic Resins

Our acrylic resin outlines come in a range of colours. The outline is a 1:1 mix ratio of base and hardener. Once plotted onto glass, the resin outlines give a high build allowing for the colour infill to be placed accurately inside the outline design. The infill colours are very concentrated and are mixed with our colouring system to enable them to bond to the glass. The infill colours come in a range of 13 including 3 metallics. All of the pigments can be mixed together to create an endless palette of colour choices. The colours are naturally transparent however by adding white to the base mix you can create translucent or opaque finishes. Marbling and antique finishes can also be achieved – see our special effects page.

Special Effects

Stipple effect

The latest addition to our range of resin effects is stipple. Stipple is added to the colour solution to give a texture to the infill colour – a texture similar to the appearance of patterned glass.

Crazy base effect

A compliment to our colouring system giving a stunning crazied effect to any panel. Once applied crazy base gives a 3d texture to the colour pigment. Crazy base is placed on the glass before adding the colouring system and infill colours.

Glassline outline

Glassline is a transparent outline which resembles brilliant cut glass from a distance. Glassline can also be coloured to give any colour outline you require making it ideal for the sign industry. When plotting onto sandblasted glass, glassline will make the sandblasted area transparent – ideal for shower screens.

Metallure effect

Metallure is a unique process engineered by Creative Resins to give an antique effect to the resin outline. Metallure is applied after the resin outline has been plotted. It is available in brass or chrome. Once the process is complete, the resin outline is turned into a fabulous deep lustre – ideal for bespoke panels or for interior designers wanting to offer different effects.

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We recommend no longer than a year’s shelf life to enable us to guarantee our products. They should be stored out of direct sunlight in a cool room.

We sell Worldwide to such places as the Gulf, Russia, Australia & New Zealand where temperatures are extreme and we are still able to offer a minimum 10 year external guarantee on our products when produced as per our instructions.

Based on a 6mm bead width the resin outline will last for approximately 200-250 linear metres – obviously the thinner the bead width, the longer the outline will last.

The most popular outline is black however we have a variety of colours available. Our glassline clear outline can also have any colour added to it during manufacture to create a totally bespoke outline resin.

Yes you can use our colouring system and infill colours with traditional lead.

Yes you can plot around glass bevels using our resin outlines.

No – all of our resin products are naturally curing so no expensive kilns are needed to heat them.

As all of our colours can be mixed together, there is an endless number of colours which can be achieved with them including opaque, transparent, translucent, glitter effects, antique and marbling effects.

No – if using our resin machinery, you simply need someone who knows how to perform basic tasks on a computer. The colouring can be carried out by any employee as there are no special skills needed.

The resin stained glass enables a stained glass panel to be manufactured in a fraction of the time compared to traditional stained glass. Therefore the labour time is greatly reduced as is the production lead time.

Any design that can be drawn by hand can be recreated onto glass with an endless design opportunity at your fingertips.

Resin stained glass will bond not only to glass but also to wood, ceramic, stainless steel, aluminium as well as acrylic and perspex.

Semi Automated Machinery

Stained glass resin dispensing machines allow perfect panels to be produced at the touch of a button. Using up to the minute software, specially written for Creative Resins, these resin machines have various features such as multi plots, variable bead plotting widths on the same design, solder joint facility, auto leaded light/georgian bar facility, design tools and many more exclusive features including a costings features. With our quick change pump, various colours of outline can be plotted continually. There are various sizes of machines available allowing any size company to produce resin stained glass.

Machine Specifications

  • Input power (volts): 110-240V 50-60Hz
  • Maximum current (amps): 7A single phase
  • Power: 1,6kw
  • CNC drive: X, Y and Z Axis stepper motors
  • Gantry height above table: 165mm
  • Maximum working height: 130mm
  • Positional accuracy: 0.20mm
  • Repeatability: 0.15mm
  • Dispensing speed: 35mm/sec
  • Software included: Creative Studio – compatible with DXF, HPGL and many others

All machines are CE marked and manufactured in the UK and shipped worldwide.