Spray Resins

Coloured Glass

Coloured back painted glass is proving very popular worldwide. The use of back painted glass is now a feature in many homes and commercial buildings as it creates extra light and is easy to clean and maintain. Using spray resins to create coloured back painted glass is inexpensive and comes with the usual Creative Resins Distribution guarantees.

Spraycoat can be used for kitchen and bathroom splash backs, furniture, wet rooms, security glass, spandrel glass, architectural glass, glass work tops and glass partitions as well as signage.

The spray resins can be applied to any monolithic glass surface and can also be used with laminated glass. As Creative Resins TM supply all of the ingredients with no additional additives needed – the warranty lies with us. The spray range is water and moisture resistant, resistant to high temperatures, UV stable and carries no wastage.

Special Effects

Spray Resins

Spray resins come as a 3 part mix – base & hardener mixed with a range of colour pigments to create as endless array of finishes and colours. The base colours can be used to match most RAL, Pantone, BS, and our own colour swatch box creating thousands of choices of colours for your customer to choose from.

The Spray resins can be supplied either as a pre mix enabling smaller users to simply add the two components together and start spraying or for more frequent users we recommend using the spray station to ensure the colour pigments remain consistently mixed and ensuring smoother, perfect panels each time.

Special Effects

The spray resin range also includes a number of special effects. These include our obscure effect which is shipped as a raw material allowing customers to create their own acid etch effect glass. As the manufacture of actual acid etch glass is banned from several countries due to the high amount of acid required, this obscure effect could not be easier to ship or produce opening up a whole new product range to offer clients.

Our spray resins are now lead free in line with new regulations and to ensure shipping to certain Countries is maintained with over 72 Countries introducing lead paint laws with more Countries passing new laws every year we have ensured production is not halted for any of our customers. The lead free colours can be used on their own or with an automatic dispenser.

Granite effect

Granite effects can be achieved using the coloured granite pigment which is available in a multitude of colours and then backing the glass with an alternative colour to give a granite appearance. Unlike true granite, the granite Spraycoat is non porous and more cost effective to produce and install. Ideal for kitchen and bathroom splash backs and work surfaces.

Cobweb effect

Cobweb is supplied clear and can have any spray colour pigments added to it to create a crazy string effect on the glass leaving a marbled finish. This can be backed with any colour required with the most popular being black, white or gold. Alternatively it can be backed with our mirror spray to give an aged mirror effect. Cobweb is a totally unique finish as no two panels are the same.

Crackle effect

The crackle spray effect can be created in any colour on the glass. It is a two part mix and leaves a cracked effect when sprayed from behind the glass. Different degrees of cracking can be achieved by spraying more…or less crackle effect on the glass.

Marble effect

Ideal for glass work surfaces as well as splashbacks the new marble effect comes in a variety of colours. Much more cost effective than marble and every panel is bespoke as no two are ever the same.

3 dimensional effect

This new effect comes in a wide variety of colours and can be either flooded on the glass or sprinkled on the glass for different effects. A very popular effect as it’s totally bespoke and gives the appearance of being placed on the front of the glass.

XL Flake effect

A popular new effect which comes in a variety of colours – all of which can be mixed to create a totally bespoke colour. When flooded on the glass, the XL flakes cover the whole glass and can give a bespoke effect such as cork (on the copper colour)

Obscure effect

Introduced to allow customers to reduce their costs whilst still offering an obscure effect to any piece of glass – this effect could not be easier to spray. Stopping the need to buy expensive sheets of obscure glass, you can now offer your customer the same effect on any size glass, any thickness, float or tempered/toughened.

Glass Effect 3D

Introduced to work with our other spray special effects especially the mirror spray. applied randomly, the design possibilities are endless. A range of tints are available to colour the glass effect resins. As the resins are applied to the back of the glass and then mirrored, they are heat resistant and are easy to clean.

Sparkles & Pearlescent effects

The sparkle and pearlescent effects are ideal for splashbacks and leisure premises such as restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Sparkles also work well in glass flooring and partitions. These come in a variety of colours and give a fantastic finish to any piece of glass when backed with a co-ordinating colour. The rainbow sparkle effect gives a rainbow glow as light hits the glass causing it to change colour as you walk past it. All of the sparkles can be used with our other effects such as cobweb to give a bespoke finish to the glass.

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Yes the sprayed panels can be placed outside as they are fully tried and tested against the sun’s UV rays and will not colour fade

Only a neutral silicone can be used – please contact Creative Resins direct to confirm the recommended silicone.

Yes the sprayed panels can be laminated 72 hours after they have been sprayed.

Yes the shelf life is one year – stored in a cool area out of direct sunlight

We recommend leaving the panel to dry for 72 hours before fixing to a wall. If using silicone to fix the panel we only recommend a neutral silicone to be used.

If you are using our range of CR colours then please contact s and we will colour match it for you. This is usually completely within an hour of being contacted. However if you are using the lead free range of colours, you can use the spectrometer to colour match a swatch instantly.

Not a problem, we also supply a premix spray resin for one off panels which can be mixed to a special colour however this is not cost effective when producing larger numbers of sprayed panels.


No – there are no specialist drying techniques needed – all resins are naturally curing.

We do recommend backing panels especially lighter colours with a black or white colour.

We recommend a dry back spray booth.

We use the Devilbiss Flg5 spray gun which we have found to be perfect for our special effects.